Valuing Future Alzheimer’s Disease Medicines: Extending the Traditional Paradigm

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Artiom Jucov


Tue, 20 Oct 2020







Traditional value assessment frameworks that focus solely on a narrowly defined cost effectiveness perspective do not adequately reflect the broader value of innovation.  The potential introduction of new medicines to treat Alzheimer’s Disease challenges existing frameworks. Increasingly, discussion is focusing on extending the paradigm to capture broader elements of value (e.g. productivity).  There are, however, elements of value that merit further exploration for inclusion in assessment frameworks.  For example, novel elements such as “scientific spillovers” are intuitive but not easily quantified and are not formally incorporated into current frameworks. This webinar seeks to explore some of these broader elements within the context of evolving value assessment and considers how they may meaningfully be incorporated to facilitate a more holistic approach to valuing medical innovation.                After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understanding the challenges of defining and measuring value in AD
  • Exploring how the current framework could be extended to capture value
  • How can stakeholders collaborate to operationalize broader concepts of value into assessment?  


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