Partner Search - ICT-20-2019 5G Long Term Evolution

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is the National Regulatory Authority of the Electronic Communications Networks and Services, mandated with the regulation and oversight of all practices, operations and activities related to the sector. One of the MCA’s main objectives is to ensure the provision of products and services, based on the latest innovative technologies, at the right price and of the highest quality to consumers. On the business side, the Authority aims to ensure and promote an environment that is conducive to sustainable competition and investment, through a forward looking regulatory framework that adequately caters for the growing demands of the future. The Authority supports home-grown entrepreneurship but also internationally promotes Malta and its technology readiness in order to attract more businesses that actively contribute to the development of the local communications industry in some way or another. The MCA enables competition in the communications sector by facilitating market entry through a light-touch authorisation framework for the provision of networks and services, and by regulating access to networks so as to develop effective choice for end-users - both residential and business. As the body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications networks and services, the MCA works closely with all relevant stakeholders at national and EU levels. This way, MCA ensures that the regulation is proportionate, reflects the challenges being faced by the sector, meets the needs of consumers and benefits the Maltese communications sector and the economy. 

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