Meet & Exchange workshop - Lessons learnt from Horizon 2020 (Brussels, BE)

Contact point: 

Artiom Jucov, Ghenadie Curocichin


Thu, 7 Nov 2019





Bruxelles, Belgium


Why participating?As Horizon 2020 issued its last work programmes, it is the time to exchange ideas and discuss on main lessons learned on health-related parts of Horizon 2020 with DG RTD. It will be the opportunity for SC1 NCPs to interact and exchange on how to maintain and strengthen their support to the applicants community towards the future programme. The workshop will focus on the discussion of the following topics of interest with the SC1 NCPs and officers from DG RTD.

  1. Societal Challenge 1: lessons learnt
  2. Cluster Health: what changes in relation to SC1?
  3. Health Partnerships: What went right/wrong in H2020?
  4. Cancer Mission: update of state of play
  5. NCP Systems and networks – possible future opportunities

Location: ISCIII, Rue du Trône 62, 1000 BrusselsTiming: Half day meetingAgenda will follow soon


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