European Commission RES policy conference, 26 June 2014



Renewable Energy: A Major Player on the 2030 Market

The focus of this year's high level policy event for renewable energy will be the issues tackled in the Communication “A policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030”.

The discussions of the 1st panel will focus on the post-2020 framework for renewable energy, elaborating on the main issues raised in the Communication: implementation of the EU RES target for 2030, coherence of policy instruments, competitiveness of the EU economy and the differing capacity of Member States. The 2nd panel will address the role of renewables in completing the integration of the EU internal energy market, discussed from the perspective of investors, economic analysts, grid developers and banks.

Members of the public will include representatives of Member States and 3rd countries, renewable energy industry, energy companies, grid operators, researchers, energy analysts, etc.

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