Wed, 17 Jun 2020




The AI4EU Web Café provides the users with possibilities to participate virtually in live sessions with experts on specific AI domain or areas of interests.

The upcoming AI4EU Web Café Session: 

On Wednesday , June 17th at 3 pm

Anna Franziska Michel, (CEO & Founder YOONA TECHNOLOGY), with her talk on: Fashion industry can not long resist new technologies any longer.

Title: Will the fashion industry survive without AI?

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Description: Yooneeque has made digitalisation its motto. An artificial intelligence called YOONA is the fashion designer here. This time again during the Berlin Fashion Week the latest outputs of the software were presented.

After the session mentioned above next special AI4EU Café will be held on Tuesday, June 23rd at 3 pm.

Title: COVID-19 and contact tracing APPS

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This time the Café session will be a new multi-presenter format with exciting Speakers from the current European ICT research projects AI4EU ( and Helios ( as well as Guest Speakers.

Please join our special event with an audience survey on this hot topic. At the end of the Café session you may share with us your opinion in an anonymous survey, what you think about contact tracing apps in respect to trust and privacy.

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