Call for Exhibition at ICT 2015 (20-22 October 2015, Lisbon)

Ready to showcase the results of your innovative project? Eager to connect with other ICT researchers? Prepared to share your digital transformation? Submit your proposal for displaying your project/company at the ICT 2015 Exhibition!

From 11/02/2015 to 31/03/2015
Lisboa, Portugal

The ICT 2015 Exhibition will be an integral part of the three-day event (ICT 2015, 20-22 October 2015, Lisbon) alongside a policy conference and networking sessions. We invite interested parties to submit a proposal for an exhibition showcases by 31 March 2015 18h00 CET.

If you have

  • A high-tech prototype to show
  • Results from an advanced research project ready to display
  • Innovative products less than 2 years on the market

Then come and join us! How?

  1. Read the Exhibition Guide
  2. Submit your proposal by the 31 March 18h00 CET


ICT 2015 provides the selected exhibitors with much more than just a booth:

  • An international audience of around 4500 delegates
  • An online catalogue with all your visuals
  • Opportunities to network with your peers, and gain new contacts
  • Exploring synergies between science, technology and art
  • An off-site exhibition reaching closer to the citizens


For more information please contact us